09 April 2014


There's a new game in town for Knoxville fashion. It's Knoxville Street Style and they are all the things this blog is not: updated regularly, maintained by someone who lives in Knoxville, and on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

So there, check it: Knoxville Street Style.

Bonus points to this photo (from the KSS Instagram) for its fine dinosaur graffiti. Best in East TN.

25 June 2012

Nothing Compares

These are all photos of people at a large music festival in Middle Tennessee.

This section is women with dress inspired by tribal people who live close to the land.

This section features a creepy man who I believed dressed this way so he could harass women who wanted to take his photo. The woman here was not having it. Brava!

This section is men in funny or not a lot of clothing.

This man called himself Unicorn Jesus.

24 April 2012

Twenty Minute Sandals

Will, whose feet are shown here, said he made these sandals in twenty minutes or so. His cordwaining speed may be above average as his brother Daniel teaches shoe-making workshops around town, but these are scandalously barefoot and I want to make a pair. They're modeled after the sandals made by the Tarahumara (or Raramuri) people of Mexico. Here's a video of an earnest man named Barefoot Ted explaining how to wrap them. Will's were made with cow leather soles and synthetic (?) rope. The rust-colored rocks are part of a sculpture in an art gallery.

26 February 2012

I Came to Get Down - Shelagh

This marks the third time I've put up a photo of Shelagh looking good. It is a reflection of both my limited socializing and of her consistently awesome fashion. I admire Shelagh's long legs and her willingness to experiment with pieces, themes, etc. If you're wondering how you can start to get fashionably weird and awesome like Shelagh, wonder no more: go to a clothing swap. I first learned about organized and public clothing swaps through Wendy Tremayne, founder of Swap-o-Rama-Rama. I like her model of incorporating sewing stations and screen printing, but you don't need all that stuff to have a great swap.

Here's what you need:
1. A time and place-- I prefer places that are not someone's house as then the swap can be advertised more publicly
2. Enough word-of-mouth and advertising to get a diverse group of people.
3. A pick-up truck or several friends to haul the leftovers to a thrift store. In my experience, there are always leftovers.

Back to Shelagh, who posted this smart advice on the wall of an upcoming swap in Knoxville:
From personal experience: the fastest way to make sure you need to take what you find involves 1. wearing a unitard or just getting close to naked 2. drinking a beer to help dissolve inhibitions about wearing said unitard 3. keeping your eyes on the prize(s) 4. (optional) involve a friend for assistance with stripping down, building up new outfits and getting some advice on new items.
The aforementioned swap is on Sunday, March 4th at the Birdhouse, a community center in Knoxville, from 3 pm until people tucker out. All sizes and genders welcome. Don't bring: underwear, furniture or large things that are not clothing. Do bring: a bag (or 2 or 4) of your clean unwanted clothing, adult beverages if that's your thing (see rule 2 above), and a friend.

04 December 2011

Knoxville fashion history

This video shows Knoxville's legendary curmudgeonly grocery store kingpin, Cas Walker, discussing what his stores did and did not carry. The man did not have time to dress no wimmin.

12 November 2011


Crista always looks good. She's got a great eye,  pairs pieces well, and is what my grandmother might call a stemwinder. In addition to encouraging her contemporaries to get out and vote in the recent Knoxville mayoral elections Crista was also so courteous as to text me her style influences: Lucy Laucht and Scandinavia.

28 October 2011


Ann tears it up all the time. And she loves shiny things. As do I, which drew me especially to her collection of jewelry last Thursday at Sassy Ann's.  There is almost always good people watching early on a Thursday evening at Sassy Ann's.

24 October 2011

Erica and Selena

Erica: I try to be a slutty Audrey Hepburn...Tawdry Audrey!

Selena: Whatever's on sale.

31 August 2011


Gen is an artist, and a printmaker at that.   I'd seen this earlier in a fancy curated fashion boutique in Portland (where I also found Gen).  Seeing the dress on Gen makes me want to buy it. I probably won't, but if you're looking for a nice end-of-summer-transition-to-fall dress you can purchase it here.

Her shoes are red canvas globally oriented philanthropic TOMS. Looking good, woman.

26 July 2011

Where to buy a nice dress in Knoxville?

Knoxville, I am in search of a stylish and affordable (under $100) summery dress that I can wear to a fancy wedding in New Orleans (and again later). The wedding will be indoors (thank you, Lord), but I plan to be outside in said fancy-and-yet-affordable-dress. Where should I start looking?

Here's my current list of places to try: ReRuns on Union, Crush on Jackson Ave. (because I haven't been there yet), and Hot Horse on Jackson Ave. (which houses the carefully selected remnants of Janet's beloved vintage shop Legacy). I'm prepared to go to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but I'd like to support Knoxville's burgeoning fashion scene and avoid cheap-but-stylish things made in China. If I were feeling flush (and the wedding not quite so formal) I would buy trunk loads of Wildcrafted Fashion from Konane.